Where the Inchies Are workshop is a 2-for-1

September 22, 2009

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Here’s a little secret about one of my workshops that I’ll be teaching at the AQS Quilt Expo in Des Moines: The Where the Inchies Are workshop (aka Colorwash Inchies workshop) is actually two workshops in one! It’s an all day workshop where you’ll learn to make Colorwash Inchies in the morning, and then after lunch, you’ll learn to sew gorgeous satin stitch appliqué to make the background quilt for the Inchies.

Colorwash Inchies are very similar to regular Inchies, but Colorwash Inchies are made with a few fabrics instead of just one, and free motion quilting is added for exciting texture and design. I love to make Colorwash Inchies because you can make a few in one color, and then make a few more in a slightly different color until you have a whole set that gradually blends from one color to another. It’s fun to vary the embellishment colors just slightly as you work your way through the different colors of the Inchies.

Where the Inchies Are/Colorwash Inchies

The fusible appliqué background quilt is simple but fun, with sinuous strips that look like they could be dancing. Many of the same satin stitch appliqué techniques that you’ll find in the Silken Stitches workshop are presented in the Where the Inchies Are workshop, so it’s like getting two workshops full of great techniques in one project!

There’s still time to sign up for Where the Inchies Are and other workshops at the AQS Quilt Expo in Des Moines! Visit the Registration page at the AQS website to register online, or call Laura Davis at (270) 898-7903 to register by phone!

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